Grade School Students Transform into Actors During Summer Camps at North Florida College

MADISON, FL (August 3, 2023) – Grade school students from Madison County, Florida explored the fields of acting, production, and set design during North Florida College’s 3- week Sentinel Upstage Junior Players Camp (Grades 4- 8) in June, and Sentinel Upstage Little Players Camp (Grades 1- 4) in July.

Throughout the camp, students explored theatrical expression and acting mechanics on stage. Each camp encouraged creativity as the students constructed their own sets, assisting in costume creation, and designing their final performance advertising. Both camps were under the experienced guidance of Denise Bell, Director of Sentinel Upstage Players Theatre Program at North Florida College.

“This camp gave students, who are interested in the world of theatre, a chance to learn about what it takes to put on a full production, from start to finish,” said Bell. “We start with the basics and as the camp progresses, campers grow in confidence and stage presence. We hope this camp sparks a passion for performing and that one day they will be a part of NFC’s Sentinel Upstage Players as NFC students.”

The highlight of the summer camp was the final showcase, where family and friends were treated to a display of each student’s talents. The SUPS Juniors (Grades 5-8) performed “Folk Tales: Animal Stories from Around the World”, which included skits of tales originating from India, Germany and more. The SUPS Littles (Grades 1-4) performed “Animal Tales: Skits and Songs from Around the World”, a showcase of skits from England, Thailand, among others.

For more information about NFC’s Theatre Program, contact Denise Bell, Director of Sentinel Upstage Players, at 850-973-9481 or email


SUPS Summer Camp #1 8-23

PHOTO 1: SUP Junior Campers take a break in costume after preparing for their final showcase “Folk Tales”.

SUPS Summer Camp #2 8-23

PHOTO 2: To celebrate their achievements, SUP Juniors pose for a group photo to conclude their 3-week camp.

SUPS Summer Camp #3 8-23

PHOTO 3: Performing a skit called “Walking in the Jungle” during their final showcase, the SUP Littles display their talents.

SUPS Summer Camp #4 8-23

PHOTO 4: After a day of preparing and practicing, the SUP Littles take a moment to take a group photo.