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Virtual Jumpstart: Aug. 2-5, 2021 | REGISTER NOW BY August 1, 2021
In-Person Jumpstart: Aug. 11-12, 2021 | REGISTER NOW BY August 8, 2021
SAVE THESE DATES to attend FREE sessions that are designed to help you get ready for Fall Term 2021.

Schedule: Virtual Sessions

Jumpstart 2021 Virtual Schedule

Schedule: In-Person Sessions

Jumpstart 2021 In-Person Schedule

Session Descriptions

Jumpstart 2021 Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Jumpstart? Jumpstart is a program designed to help students get ready for the Fall 2021 semester. Specifically, Jumpstart offers free study skills, strategies, and review sessions for students preparing to enroll in ENC 1101 (Freshman English I), MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra), MAC 1105 (College Algebra), STA 2023 (Intro. Statistics), any science course, and/or students who want a jumpstart on using technology effectively at NFC.

  2. When is Jumpstart? (See schedules above) 
    Virtual Jumpstart: The sessions will be held during the week of August 2-5, 2021. Two options for dates/times are available for each virtual session Monday through Thursday.
    In-Person Jumpstart: The sessions will be held on August 11-12, 2021.

  3. Where will it be held?
    Virtual Jumpstart: The sessions will be held online via ZOOM. A link to join each session will be emailed to the participants as they register for the session and prior to the presentations.
    In-Person Jumpstart: The sessions will be held at the NFC Campus in Bldg. 4, Bldg. 6, & NFC Library Annex.

  4. How much does it cost? It's FREE for NFC students!

  5. Who can attend Jumpstart? NFC students who are planning to take ENC 1101, MAT 1033, MAC 1105, STA 2023, or any science class in the fall or spring terms are encouraged to attend the Jumpstart sessions. Additionally, the technology session is open to all NFC students regardless of what classes students are registered for in the fall. (See descriptions of sessions above).

  6. Will I receive college credit for attending one or more Jumpstart sessions?  No. The Jumpstart sessions are non-credit sessions designed to get students ready for college credit courses.

  7. How do I register for Jumpstart sessions? Registration opens on July 1, 2021.
    Virtual Jumpstart: Please register by Sunday, August 1, 2021, by filling out our form: 
    In-Person JumpstartPlease register by Sunday, August 8, 2021, by filling out our form: 

  8. Do I have to register for all Jumpstart sessions?  No. Only register for sessions you would like to attend. For example, a student may choose to attend the technology session on Monday and the math session on Thursday. All sessions are free; students may attend one or all of the sessions scheduled.

  9. May I attend multiple scheduled sessions for the same subject?   
    Virtual JumpstartTwo sessions for each subject area have been scheduled to accommodate students’ needs. They are just repeats offered at different times.
    In-Person Jumpstart: These sessions are repeats of the virtual sessions, just offered in-person instead of via Zoom.

  10. Who will be leading the sessions?  NFC instructors and learning specialists will lead/facilitate the Jumpstart sessions.

  11. What supplies do I need? 
    Virtual JumpstartComputer with audio and camera or a device that allows you to connect via ZOOM, and internet connection. 
    In-Person Jumpstart: Masks/face coverings - nose and mouth should be covered at all times in classrooms, offices, hallways, and public spaces. Paper and pen/pencil; standard calculator recommended (for the math session). 

  12. Who should I contact for more information?