Last Mile Scholars: NFC Foundation Helping Students Finish College

Nine Complete NFC Last Mile Scholarship Program, Graduate Spring 2021

MADISON, FL - Since Governor Ron DeSantis established the Last Mile College Completion Program in 2019, the NFC Foundation has stepped up to help “Last Mile Scholar” graduates complete degrees.

NFC’s Last Mile Scholarship assists students who are less than 12 credit hours away from completing their first college program and were not enrolled for at least one semester. NFC Foundation Director Judy Lundell is excited by the initiative's success and potential to help students succeed.

“For Last Mile students who have been absent from college for one semester or more, it often seems like an insurmountable effort to return to college, complete their required credits and finish their Last Mile,” said Lundell. “The Last Mile initiative has created an exceptional conduit of financial and social support for these students.”

The NFC Foundation is proud to congratulate nine Last Mile Scholars who graduated at the conclusion of NFC’s Spring Term 2021.

Merelda Alexander is a Madison County resident graduating from NFC with the help of the Last Mile Scholarship. Merelda is not done pursuing her education however and is considering obtaining a bachelor’s degree in special education. “This scholarship has impacted my life by providing me the opportunity to complete what I did not complete when I graduated high school in 1985,” said Alexander. “What you are doing to help other like me is not done in vain. I realize now it is never too late as long as you have the right mindset.”

Dillon Burns and Dale Norwood of Madison also completed the Last Mile Scholarship program at NFC this past term. Both Burns and Norwood completed an A.A. degree and graduated Spring 2021.

Matt Salmons is a Taylor County resident and 21-year veteran firefighter/paramedic holding the rank of captain with Dixie County. Matt is completing his Associate in Arts degree at NFC, and the Last Mile scholarship has enabled him to quickly finish his courses without additional financial burden. “I would like to thank everyone involved with this scholarship as it has been a tremendous help financially to me and my family,” said Salmons. “Thank you!”

Tina Hollie is a Leon County resident completing her BSN degree with the help of the Last Mile Scholarship. Tina has plans to further her education in the healthcare field and aspires to be a practicing legal nurse consultant. “The Last Mile scholarship made graduation possible,” said Hollie. “Thank you so much for investing in me. I promise to pay it forward.”

Antonio Morris is a Suwannee County resident graduating from NFC with his Associate in Arts degree. Antonio is excited to complete his degree but knows that he will always have the desire to keep learning and growing. “This scholarship has provided the financial means for me to complete the Last Mile of my degree,” said Morris. “I am thankful for the contributions to myself, past, and future students.”

Nathan Barker is a Suwannee County resident graduating from NFC with his Associate in Arts degree. Nathan has plans to further his education and hopes to return to school pursuing a career in the pharmacy field. “The Last Mile Scholarship gave me the ability to finish my AA degree and was essential to the advancement of my education,” said Barker.

William Warren is a Leon County resident graduating from NFC’s Public Safety Academy. Williams is a full-time Correctional Officer who is looking to advance his career with hopes of entering the police force. “Thank you again for your generosity and support,” said Warren. “I promise you I will work very hard and eventually give back to others, both as police officer and possibly a scholarship to future students like myself.”

Patricia Vail of Volusia County also completed the Last Mile Scholarship program at NFC, graduating from NFC’s Public Safety Academy.

“Spread the word! The NFC Foundation seeks to help more students,” said Lundell. “If you are on the Last Mile of your degree at NFC or know someone who is, let’s talk!”

Visit or contact the NFC Foundation at 850-973-9414 or for more information.

Last Mile Scholar Graduates

Merelda Alexander Last Mile Graduate 2021

Matt Salmons Last Mile Graduate 2021

Tina Hollie Last Mile Graduate 2021

Merelda Alexander

Matt Salmons

Tina Hollie

Antonio Morris Last Mile Graduate 2021

Nathan Barker Last Mile Graduate 2021

William Warren Last Mile Graduate 2021

Antonio Morris

Nathan Barker

William Warren