NFCC Announces Spring 2017 President’s List

Madison FL - Fifty North Florida Community College students were named to the President’s List at the conclusion of NFCC’s Spring Term 2017. The President’s List recognizes outstanding academic achievement at the completion of each semester. Inclusion on the list is awarded to all full-time students who, during the term, have earned a grade point average of 3.75 or greater for at least 12 college credit hours of course work.

NFCC students recognized for academic achievement and named to the President’s List for Spring Term 2017 are:

Hamilton County

Amanda N. Hawkins, Jasper

Justin M. Law, Jasper

Daniela Menendez, Jasper

DeAngelo D. Robinson, White Springs

Johanna L. Stith, White Springs

Brittany M. Whitmore , White Springs

Jefferson County

Heather M. James, Monticello

Amy S. Rosmini, Monticello

Lafayette County

Diana A. Hernandez, Mayo

Hannah Poole, Mayo

Monica L. Powe, Mayo

Tyler B. Smith, Day

Madison County

Camryn G. Alderman, Lee

James C. Flournoy, Madison

Summer N. Langell, Madison

Jacob T. Moore, Pinetta

Arlene M. Parke, Madison

Zackery J. Peterson, Madison

Jennifer L. Stone, Madison

Hannah J. Zimmerly, Madison

Suwannee County

Kayla M. Alford, Branford

Leah M. Beaty, Live Oak

Raymond P. Berlett, Live Oak

Denver C. Cameron, Live Oak

Jesse D. Caskin, O’Brien

Reba A. Gramling, Live Oak

Amber D. Hatch, Branford

Taylor R. Henderson, Live Oak

Terrah S. Henderson, Live Oak

Brooke D. Hinton, Live Oak

Sara N. Hinton, Live Oak

Claire A. Jolicoeur, Live Oak

Keri B. Lynn, Live Oak

Jordan R. Messer, Live Oak

Jessie P. Minatree, Live Oak

Gimel L. Portillo, Branford

Annabelle A. Prange, Live Oak

Joshua G. Smith, Live Oak

Meagan E. Tuvell, Live Oak

Kayla M. Wilson, Wellborn

Taylor County

Hannah L. Baron, Perry

Dylan M. Dudley, Perry

Jessica L. Gravley, Perry

Maggie N. Hanson, Perry

Victoria P. Manning, Perry

Kayleigh A. Maubach, Perry

Hannah A. Rice, Perry

Joel C. Stengel, Perry

Natalie N. Wynn, Perry

Leon County

Derrick M. Fuhrman, Tallahassee

Congratulations to all students for their outstanding academic achievement. For information contact the Office of College Advancement, (850) 973-1653 or email