NFC Honors College Employees for Professional Achievement and Years of Service

NFC Honors College Employees

MADISON, FL (May 4, 2022) – North Florida College (NFC) employees gathered at the NFC Student Center recently for the college’s annual employee recognition ceremony. The gathering honors all NFC employees for their contributions to the college, professional and educational achievements, and honors employees for years of service to NFC.

Seven employees received service awards from NFC recognizing years of service ranging from five years to twenty years. They are:

20 Years: Desiree James (Madison County), and Maria Gonzales (Madison County)

15 Years: Lynn Wyche (Madison County)

10 Years: James Baldwin (Madison County)

5 Years: Linda English (Taylor County), Anna Doughty (Madison County), and Michelle Ginn (Madison County)

Eleven employees received special recognition for professional achievement. Certificates were given in honor of employees completing degrees, publishing works, and/or serving on state and national boards among other things. Those honored include Nicole Hudson, Jessica Fralix, Dr. James Holland, Rick Davis, Denise Callaway, Chandra Hayes, Lynn Wyche, Cheri Green, Michelle Brown, and Dr. Laura Hanna.

Congratulations to all NFC employees for their dedication and contributions to the college, community and education.