NFC Fall Graduates Recognized 

MADISON, FL –North Florida College awarded 111 students with degrees or certificates at the conclusion of its 2022 Fall Term. Many of the summer graduates participated in NFC’s Fall Commencement Ceremony on December 15, 2022, where they walked across the stage to symbolically receive their diploma or certificate and celebrate with family and friends.

“Pursuing higher education, whether it’s a degree or workforce certificate, is an important investment for our students,” said Jen Page, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. “They sacrificed personal and family time, worked late into evening hours, and did it all with unwavering determination to accomplish the goal set before them.”

NFC applauds the accomplishments of its fall graduates. Congratulations NFC Class of 2022!

Fall Term 2022 Graduates by County:

Pickels, Savanna Jasmine ClarkAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaBROOKS, GA
Carter, Jerome Commercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsColumbia
Garcia, Luis ACommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsColumbia
Singleton, Chris WCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsColumbia
Page Rhoden, Kendall MaeMedical Info Coder/BillerCertificateColumbia
Waldron, Kody LukePractical NursingCertificateColumbia
Peters, Brittany C.BS-NursingBachelor degreeMagna Cum LaudeGadsden
Crosby, Whitney JackleneAS-Business AdministrationAssociate degreeCum LaudeHamilton
Beck, Courtney DAS-Emergency Medical ServicesAssociate degreeHamilton
Armstrong, Rachel MarieAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreePhi Theta KappaHamilton
Baker, Isaiah DavidAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Bristol, Antionett TAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Bristol, Geralyn JeneaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Hunter, Kimberly NicoleAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Jones, Mel'Lesha Paige AmeriaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Nixon, Daleah MAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Robinson, Leanicia DaveyunaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Stanley, Rachael MarieAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeHamilton
Crosby, Whitney JackleneBusiness OperationsCertificateHigh HonorsHamilton
Crosby, Whitney JackleneHuman Resources AdministratorCertificateHigh HonorsHamilton
Craig, Angela ReneeAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeJefferson
Lehmann, Shane EmersonAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudeJefferson
Wirick, Blake GAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeJefferson
Paul, Grace JeanEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHighest HonorsJefferson
Marlowe, Susan Medical Coder/BillerCertificateJefferson
Hallmark, Madison EllaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeLafayette
Mora, Nathan J.Associate in ArtsAssociate degreeLafayette
Thomas, McKenna LaurenAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeLafayette
Williams, Karah GraceAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaLafayette
Adkins, Taylor LeighBS-NursingBachelor degreeCum LaudeLafayette
Martin, Zachariah NathanielCommercial Class "B" DrivingCertificateLafayette
Flowers, Tyler Commercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsLafayette
Watson, Curtis RashadCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsLafayette
Edwards, Garris MalikFla Law Enforcement AcademyCertificateHonorsLafayette
Bearden, Brianna NicolePractical NursingCertificateLafayette
Humphery, Shanniott ShandellaCrossover Corr Ofc to LE OfcCertificateHighest HonorsLeon
Murray, Ashley MichelleCrossover Corr Ofc to LE OfcCertificateHonorsLeon
Dismukes, Darnisha RoushaCrossover Prob Officer to LECertificateHighest HonorsLeon
Anderson, Alyssa GabriellePractical NursingCertificateHonorsLeon
Brunson, Jada MichelePractical NursingCertificateLeon
Blackledge, Kimberly RaePractical NursingCertificateLOWNDES, GA
Perry, Farron ElizabethAS-Business AdministrationAssociate degreeMadison
Abbott, Rachel McLellanAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Andablo, Arturo BrallenAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Archambault, Merridy GraceAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudeMadison
Boyce, Jacob Associate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Boyd, Grayson TreadmanAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudeMadison
Brewer, Mackenzie KayAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaMadison
Daniels, Lisa MicheleAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Hall, Jayla MorganAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudeMadison
Jones, Keondra DeonshayAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Knight, Tianna BreshayAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaMadison
Lee, Zorreya KeyontaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison 
Malone, Kersten NoelAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Molnar, Atticus CarterAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Patterson, Felicia VictoreanAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Pryor, Shamella DeniseAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMadison
Ratliff, Abby MichelleAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaMadison
Rutherford, Rhett RubinAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreePhi Theta KappaMadison
Walker, Makayla MasonAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaMadison
Barfield, Taneeka MicheleBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudeMadison
Fead, Matesha ChaklanBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudeMadison
O'Quinn, Joy LynnBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudeMadison
Parker-Glee, Patricia LaventBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudeMadison
Frazier, Damian TerellCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateMadison
Hollie, Darrell DevonCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Murphy, Glen JerrellCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Stanley, Jason BeckCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Terry, Christopher DavidCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Brunson, Niki Criminal Justice Tech SpecCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Burnett, Justin TimothyEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHighest HonorsMadison
Miller, Te'Zajahia Practical NursingCertificateMadison
Wilkes, Brittany CheyannePractical NursingCertificateMadison
Lewis, Angel Child Care Center OperationsCertificateHighest HonorsMonroe
Virgillito, Stephanie Child Care Center OperationsCertificateHighest HonorsOkaloosa
LeFils, Elizabeth Child Care Center OperationsCertificateHighest HonorsOrange
Cranford, William RAS-Criminal Justice TechnologyAssociate degreeCum LaudeSuwannee
Randle, Sr. Eric DAS-Criminal Justice TechnologyAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Boone, Caylee GraceAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Camarillo, Daniela Associate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Combs, Alana ElizabethAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSuwannee
Holmes, LaDonna D.Associate in ArtsAssociate degreeSuwannee
Keen, Nicole JadeAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudeSuwannee
Larney, Morgan ElizabethAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudeSuwannee
McMillan, Ali SuzanneAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudeSuwannee
Simmons, Ariel McKenzieAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeCum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Swartz, Hayden MichaelAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Van Etta, Tate NickolasAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSuwannee
Lanier, Abigail EliseBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaSuwannee
Reed, Brenda AnnChild Care Center OperationsCertificateHighest HonorsSuwannee
Brown, Tavarse GerrelleCommercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateSuwannee
Sejour, Avante Commercial Vehicle DrivingCertificateHighest HonorsSuwannee
Brown, Tyler StevenCrossover Corr Ofc to LE OfcCertificateHighest HonorsSuwannee
Westberry, Anzel RayEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHighest HonorsSuwannee
Castillo Ramirez, Paola IvonnePractical NursingCertificateSuwannee
Bellamy, Imani JakaraAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Calhoun, Elijah SAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreePhi Theta KappaTaylor
Dykes, Ashley VictoriaAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Freeman, April MarieAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Harvey, Hunter AllenAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaTaylor
Moon, Robert OwenAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Upshaw, Ashley MAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Young, Brandon JAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeMagna Cum LaudeTaylor
Young, Zachary EAssociate in ArtsAssociate degreeTaylor
Strickland, Kaitlyn BriannaBusiness OperationsCertificateHigh HonorsTaylor
Flores, Alexander MichaelEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHigh HonorsTaylor
Sharpe, Stephanie JeanEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHighest HonorsTaylor
Smith, Pacen IEmergency Medical TechnicianCertificateHighest HonorsTaylor
Ware, Mykayla IsaiahaFla Law Enforcement AcademyCertificateHonorsTaylor
Simmons, Matthew ArkeemCrossover Corr Ofc to LE OfcCertificateTHOMAS, GA
Acevedo, Arturo MBS-NursingBachelor degreeSumma Cum LaudePhi Theta KappaTRAVIS, TX