Permanent Residency into the Sentinel Upstage Players Hall of Fame is granted upon recognition of outstanding achievement in the involvement or support of the performing arts.

Jessica Webb | Founder's Award

Awarded for the founding of the North Florida Community Theatre Acting Troupe "Sentinel Upstage Players" as well as for the co-founding of the "Rural Area Theatre" in Madison Florida.

Jennifer Clauge Paulk | Trailblazer Award

Awarded for extraordinary success in the professional performing arts industry. Jennifer Clauge Paulk's acting career began at the age of twelve. It was a church production and she was playing the part she auditioned for, THE HUMAN CANNONBALL! This would be the role that would spark Jennifer's love and interest into musical theatre. To date Jennifer Clauge Paulk has performed with amateur and professional productions, voice-over work, film, and television. Her future aspirations are to broaden her horizons in these genres of acting. She currently amazes the community theatre circuit of the Jacksonville, FL area.