Updated Procedure Coming Soon for Fall 2022


To be in compliance with Florida Administrative Code rule 6A-14.092, faculty are required to submit proof of textbook certification. This process allows faculty to attest that all items students are required to purchase are used in class (including all items in a “bundle”) and the extent to which a new edition or a new textbook differs significantly and substantively from earlier versions. For each term, the textbook certification form must be completed for each class an instructor teaches at least 45 days prior to the first day of classes.

Procedure for Textbook Certification

Faculty receive an email from the Office of Academic Affairs that includes a web-link to the institutional form used for certifying textbooks and instructional materials. The textbook certification form link is sent to faculty to complete as soon as Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) are created for the upcoming term’s course schedule. In this same email, faculty also receive a draft of the upcoming term’s book order.  Faculty are required to verify that the books and instructional materials being designated for student purchase are correct and that the materials will be used in class.

Faculty may contact the Office of Academic Affairs for assistance with this procedure.