To be in compliance with NFC Board Policy 2.05, the choice of textbooks and instructional materials shall be a departmental responsibility with the actual selection being a function of the faculty teaching a specific course.

Procedure for Textbook Adoption

  1. Faculty and department chairs select high-quality, student-friendly textbooks through review of publishers’ textbook samples. Textbooks should align with course-level student learning outcomes and support program-level learning goals.
  2. Upon selection and department approval of an adopted text(s) for a course, the adoption must remain in effect for two full calendar years. In urgent cases, permission to discontinue a text at an earlier date may be granted. Such permission must be granted by the appropriate department chair or program director.

Procedure for Textbook Discontinuation

  1. Faculty and department chairs may choose to discontinue use of a previously adopted text after it has been in effect for two full calendar years.
  2. For circumstances where a textbook is no longer being published and/or the textbook edition no longer supports the course’s student learning outcomes and instructional objectives, the department chair or program director must review the circumstance and notify the Director of Curriculum and Instruction of his/her decision before granting approval to discontinue its use.

Faculty may contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs for assistance with this procedure.