Faculty are required to submit all students’ final grades through NFC’s Banner system.

Procedure for Submitting Final Grades

Near the end of each term, faculty will receive an email from the College Registrar reminding instructors of the deadline for entering final grades into Banner and providing step-by-step instructions for entering the grades.

Final Grade Entry


  1. http://www.nfc.edu
  2. Select Ellucian Banner.
  3. Enter User ID and Password. The user ID and password are the same as you use to log into the NFC Network.
  4. Click Log-In.
  5. Select Faculty and Advisors or the Faculty Services tab at the top.
  6. Select Summary Class List.
  7. Enter the correct term, click Submit.
  8. CRN: This is a pull-down window with your classes and CRN #’s.  Select the one you want and click submit.
  9. Under the column labeled “Final”, click “Enter” on the first student. This will pull up the entire roll.
  10. The sixth column is titled “Grade”. This is a pull-down window with letter grades.  Enter the final grade.  If the class is large, check for a second page.
  11. The letter grades followed by a period (A., B., C., etc…) are for College Prep classes.
  12. NOTE: letter grades of “I”, “WF”, and “F” must include a last attend date.  Enter the date in the following format:  MM/DD/YYYY.  Slash marks are optional.  Example 09202006 or 09/20/2006.
  13. When all grades are entered and you have reviewed it for a second time, click submit at the bottom of the page.
  14. Scroll back to the top. If you do not have an error message, your grades were submitted.
  15. It will time out after 20 minutes.