Academic Affairs

On-Campus Work Requirements for Non-Clock Hour Academic Faculty

Pursuant to NFC Board Policy 2.56, teaching faculty have assignments that require 37.5 or more hours of professional services to the College each week.  

1 – All non-clock hour academic faculty shall be on campus a minimum of 25 hours per week. 

2 – A minimum of 10 hours must be designated as office hours, on campus and available to students physically, as well as by phone and internet. 

3 – 15 hours per week is the standard instructional load, and traditional face-to-face and hybrid classes shall count toward the on-campus hour requirement. 

4 – Faculty are expected to be on-campus for scheduled and announced meetings and trainings in addition to office hours and standard instructional load. 

5 – Faculty teaching online and hybrid classes shall schedule additional on-campus hours to meet their 25 hour on-campus requirement. For example, a faculty member teaching a 3-credit hour online course and a 3 credit-hour hybrid (1.5 hours F2F instruction) would need to designate 4.5 hours a week on-campus toward their 25 hours of required on-campus time.

6 – Faculty teaching in excess of 15 credit hours need to schedule an additional 2/3 office hour for every 1 credit hour of overload, but these office hours may be performed off campus.  Faculty must be available to students by internet and/or phone during this time.