A student grade of Incomplete (“I”) may be assigned at the end of the term by the instructor when all course work has not been completed. A grade of “Incomplete” should only be assigned when a student’s work is of passing quality and represents a significant portion of the requirements for a final grade but is incomplete for a good cause as determined by the instructor. A good cause may be defined as a current illness, a serious personal problem, an accident, a recent death in the family, a necessary increase in working hours, or other situations of equal gravity.

Procedure for Submission of a Grade of Incomplete (“I”)

When final grades are submitted in NFC’s Banner system at the end of a term, faculty may submit a grade of Incomplete (“I”) for a student who has not completed all course work. Faculty must send written notification to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs documenting the reason for the “I” grade submission. A grade of “I” that remains at the end of the term following the semester in which the “I” grade was received will be changed to “F” unless the instructor grants the student an extension. Students may not re-register for courses in which an “I” grade is pending. If the student chooses to do so, the original “I” will be changed to an “F.”