Student Ombudsman

Mission Statement

The Student Ombudsman provides all NFC students with a safe, confidential place to bring questions and concerns about College rules, policies, or procedures. The Ombudsman assists students in navigating College policies and procedures and understanding the student’s rights and responsibilities.

The Student Ombudsman Office is:

  • Confidential – All concerns or information brought to the Ombudsman will not be shared with anyone else unless granted permission to do so or otherwise required by law.
  • Impartial – The Ombudsman does not advocate for the student or the College. The Ombudsman provides information and/or options available to the student.
  • Independent – The Office of the Ombudsman operates independently of administrative authorities.
  • Informal –The Ombudsman will informally investigate student concerns without issuing judgments or decisions. The Ombudsman does not arbitrate, adjudicate, or participate in any internal or external formal process (including legal processes).

If an issue should arise involving the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman shall recuse him/herself and the issue will be referred to the Ombudsman’s supervisor for action.

Contact the NFC Student Ombudsman

For more information, call (850) 973-9418 or email