Three Last Mile Scholars Graduate NFC

MADISON, FL - Since Governor Ron DeSantis established the Last Mile Completion Program in 2019, NFC Foundation efforts have resulted in 22 eligible students completing their NFC degree with the help of the Last Mile Scholarship.

NFC’s Last Mile Scholarship assists students who are less than 12 credit hours away from completing their first college program and were not enrolled for at least one semester. NFC Director of Resource Development Judy Lundell is excited to see the initiative’s growth over the past two years.

“At the NFC Foundation, we work hard to meet the needs of our students. It is clear to see that the Last Mile Scholarship is meeting crucial financial and social needs for students who may otherwise be overwhelmed at the thought of returning to college after having been unenrolled for one semester or more,” said Lundell. “It is a challenge to embark on the Last Mile, but we are proud of these scholars who have made the bold choice to keep striving for their goals and we are here to tell you that it is possible.”

The NFC Foundation congratulates three Last Mile Scholars who graduated at the conclusion of NFC’s Summer Term 2021.

Tameria Reaves, a resident of Taylor County, is graduating with her Associate in Arts degree. Tameria is appreciative of all the Last Mile Scholarship has done for her education saying, “This scholarship has given me so much encouragement when I felt like giving up.” Tameria plans to return to NFC to pursue a degree in nursing with hopes to one day obtain a master’s degree in the field.

Kayla Watson is a resident of Suwannee County graduating with her Associate in Arts degree. According to Kayla, the Last Mile scholarship made a large impact on her family. She has plans to continue her career and hopes to one day work in the Suwannee County Public School system.

Devonna Arnold is a Madison County resident graduating with her Associate in Arts degree. “I am honored to be one of this year’s recipients of the last mile scholarship. Thank you so much for enabling me to reach my fullest personal and professional potential,” said Arnold.

“If you or someone you know is on the Last Mile of their degree at NFC, let’s talk! We would be thrilled to help you on the last stretch of your educational journey,” said Lundell.

For more information about the Last Mile Scholarship and other scholarship opportunities at NFC, visit or contact the NFC Foundation at 850-973-9414 or


Kayla Watson

Tameria Reaves

Kayla Watson

Tameria Reaves