NFCC students find fulfilling jobs on campus

Student Jobs at NFCCColin P. Kelly Fitness Center

North Florida Community College’s Colin P. Kelly Fitness and Wellness Center employs between 15 and 18 student employees each semester. Students do a variety of tasks such as answering general equipment and fitness questions, selling and managing membership accounts, cleaning and maintain the facility, and providing overall customer service.

“We have the ability to provide a fun, safe, and educational atmosphere for our students while also offering them a flexible schedule that allows them to focus on their academic course load,” said Fitness and Wellness Director Tyler Coody. “For many of our students, this is their first job and it helps to build a stronger resume, learn to communicate more effectively in the workplace, and begin building a network of contacts for future employment.”

Students also have the opportunity for job advancement, moving into supervisory positions that allow them to begin to practice managerial skills within a controlled environment.

“We help to coach them through decision making, delegating, and communication strategies that they can use when they graduate and begin their professional career,” said Coody.

NFCC student Kevin Ross has worked at the Fitness Center, his first job, for over two years and has advanced to the position of Shift Lead. He says he has learned much about time management, leadership and customer service.

"Having a job on campus has benefited me in so many ways," said Ross. "I like working at the fitness center because it gives me a chance to work diligently while being a full-time student. It also gives me a chance to meet other students and people from within the community."

“Without our outstanding student employees, we would not be able to operate such a large facility,” said Coody. “We are thankful for their energy and willingness to learn new things. While it can be difficult to say goodbye to our graduates, we take pride in helping to make sure they are better prepared for the job opportunities they will have in the future.”

Hardee Center for the Arts - Art Gallery

Student Jobs at NFCKimberly Ross also landed her first job on the NFCC campus, working at the Hardee Center for the Arts, while completing her AA degree.

“I started taking art classes and working in the Hardee Center in the fall of 2016,” said Ross. “I had never taken an art class in my life. I have always loved looking at pottery and decided I would try it out; I have been doing it ever since.”

Ross graduated in December with over two years of work experience at the Hardee Center, including helping arrange exhibits and opening the gallery to the campus and community. She says the job taught her patience, leadership skills and how to look at art. She also gained experience in customer service and working with the public.

“Lisa Thompson [NFCC art instructor and gallery director] has inspired me to not be afraid to try new things,” said Ross. “Working with her in the Hardee Center has brought me out of my shell. She has helped me so much as an instructor and a supervisor.”

As for the future, Ross is looking to continue her education and “maybe even start my own arts and crafts shop or gallery one day.”