New Guitar and Piano Classes at NFC

Instructor Jay Hicks donates guitars for students to check out from the NFC Library beginning Spring Term 2022

MADISON, FL - Beginning Fall Term 2021, NFC began offering two new music courses, MVS1016Guitar Class and Instrument Donation Spring 2022 Guitar for Non-Music Majors and MVK1001 Piano for Non-Music Majors. These one-credit courses are offered online using audio, video and interactive content created by Method Teacher, LLC, a national leader in online music curriculum. The courses are designed to be fun and engaging, allowing students with little or no music background to learn to play a musical instrument. Course instructors are Jay Hicks and Analine Hellman. Unlike some online courses, live on-campus assistance is also available for these courses and can be scheduled as needed.

Beginning in January with the Spring 2022 semester, a limited number of guitars are available to check out from the NFC Library, enabling students who may not be ready to invest in their own guitar the opportunity to take the class and begin their musical journey. The guitars were donated for student use by instructor Jay Hicks.

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Guitar and Piano Classes 2022