NFCC offering new Engineering Technology degree and certificates

MADISON, FL– North Florida Community College recently expanded its Career and Technical Education offerings with
the addition of a two-year Engineering Technology degree and three related college credit certificates - Engineering Technology Support Specialist, Lean Manufacturing, and Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing. New classes begin Aug. 15 with the start of Fall Term 2018 at NFCC.

According to David Dunkle, Associate Dean of Economic Development & Technical Programs at NFCC, the new program, like many of NFCC’s career programs, offer students an educational career ladder where students can start out with a certificate program, gain industry-level certifications, and then continue up the program career ladder toward a higher degree or certification. Students often use the initial certifications to find employment in their chosen field while continuing college courses.

“Our goal is to give students options and opportunities to find quick employment as well as well-planned routes to higher education and degrees, which in return often lead to higher wages and employment opportunities,” said Dunkle. “We offer certificates and training that can open doors to jobs and also offer pathways to four-year degrees.”

In one semester, roughly 18 weeks, a student can receive training toward the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s (MSSC) Certified Production Technician credential in NFCC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology CTE certificate program (classes begin Aug. 1 for Fall Term 2018), then transfer 15 credit hours into the Associate in Science in Engineering Technology degree which is a total of 60 credit hours.

The 60-credit-hour A.S. in Engineering Technology degree generally takes a total of two-years to complete at NFCC (classes begin Aug. 15 for Fall Term) and gives students the opportunity to earn three separate college credit certificates and related certifications along the way – (1) Engineering Technology Support Specialist, (2) Lean Manufacturing, and (3) Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing. The certificates can be used as building blocks to the A.S. degree or taken individually for specific training and industry certifications in each certificate area.

Jobs in Engineering Technology are focused around the process and technology-driven environment of advanced manufacturing, applied engineering and production technology and can include quality control, product assembly, testing, machining, process development and project management. Engineering Technology graduates have been successful in industries as diverse as aerospace, medical devices, chemical processing and beverage and food processing across the state of Florida.

The A.S. in Engineering Technology at NFCC can also transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology at Daytona State College as well as other four-year degree programs.

“We work with area employers and universities to help students excel in whatever path they choose,” said Dunkle. “Our outstanding instructors, small class sizes, and community and state partnerships make NFCC a great place to study. We offer quality training with state and national-level certifications and are dedicated to helping our graduates find employment and opportunities in today’s workforce.”

Find out more by contacting the NFCC Career and Technical Education Center. Call (850) 973-9470, email zimmerlyc@nfc.eduor visit