Meet NFC High School Dual Enrollment Student Taylen Parrish-Fagin

Taylen attends JMPHS and is dual-enrolled in NFC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program

NFC Student Taylen Parrish-Fagin 10-2021

MADISON, FL (Nov. 8, 2021) – Taylen Parrish-Fagin is a senior at James Madison PreparatoryHigh School and is currently dual-enrolled in North Florida College’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program. According to NFC instructor Bill Eustace, Taylen is quickly learning the program’s technology and excelling at 3D printing.

“He’s been doing phenomenal so far in the program,” said Eustace. “He’s gotten very proficient with SolidWorks software, 3D design software. He’s 3D printed quite a few items already and I just can’t say enough about him. He does really well in here.”

This is Taylen’s first semester in NFC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program. As a high school student, he attends the program part-time.

“I like this class a lot, it gets you ready for the different engineering and technology that you will be using in the future and different jobs,” said Taylen. “It’s just amazing the kind of things that these 3D printers can make. It’s so fun to make all the different things that you enjoy or what you want to create and then, you know later on in the future, you can actually be making some very important parts that people might need.”

After graduating from JMPHS in May, Taylen will also complete the manufacturing at the end of NFC's Spring Term 2022. “North Florida College is a great college to go to, to start off with and get a good education,” said Taylen. “When I get ready to transfer to a university, it’ll be so much easier.”

Taylen is also active in extracurricular activities at school and in the community. As a member of the Cowboys football team, he plays offense and defense as a running back, linebacker and special teams. He is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars at JMPHS and a member of the music department at Global Prophetic Life Revival and Restoration Church where he serves as a drummer. Taylen is also a volunteer at the Compassion In Action Crusade Community Giveaway in Madison.

After completing NFC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program, Taylen will have a Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician industry credential and be able to articulate into NFC’s Associate in Science in Engineering Technology program with ease.

“One small dream can lead to the rest of your life,” said Taylen.

Following NFC, Taylen plans to attend Florida State University majoring in Business Management.

NFC’s Advancement Manufacturing and Production Technology program can be completed in just 18 weeks. The program offers training toward industry-recognized credentials and employment as production technicians. Students learn how to operate the latest advanced manufacturing equipment and technology through hands-on, practical experience. Internship opportunities are available for eligible students. It is one of several Career and Workforce Education programs at NFC open to high school dual-enrolled students.

NFC Dual Enrollment Student Taylen Fagin-Parrish and AMPT Instructor Bill Eustace

“I want all the students who come through the program to be successful,” said Eustace. I want them to graduate from the program. I want them to have the necessary life skills, work ethic and work skills to be able to be successful in the job market.”

For more information about NFC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program, visit New classes are forming now for Spring Term 2022 now; classes begin Jan. 6. For more information about high school dual enrollment at NFC, visit