NFC Foundation Scholarship Giveaway Winner to Graduate in December

MADISON, FL (Nov. 8, 2021) - North Florida College student and Suwannee County resident Natalie Ellis is preparing to graduate with her Associate in Arts degree in December 2021. In 2019, then Natalie Townsend, attended the grand opening of NFC’s Live Oak location where she won a scholarship drawing to receive 60 paid credit hours of tuition and books from the NFC Foundation. During the next two years, Natalie would accomplish much more than just a college degree.

Her father Michael describes the scholarship as a blessing to his family and his daughter. While Natalie was excited to receive the scholarship, she did not realize at the time how much help itNatalie Ellis and Family would be. Over the next two years while diligently attending college classes, Natalie would also battle COVID-19, marry her high school sweetheart Jonathan Ellis in May of 2020, and welcome her beautiful twins, Adelynn and Beckham, into the world in June of 2021.

Attending college through a global pandemic, wedding planning, pregnancy, and motherhood has certainly been a challenge, but Natalie’s resolve to complete her education remained true.

When asked about finding the balance of being a new parent and a student, Natalie shared, “NFC makes it super easy!” During her time at NFC, she felt well connected to the professors and staff members who were able to help her through online and in-person classes.

“Congratulations to Natalie! What an accomplishment to become independent, start a family, and earn a college degree all in a few short years,” said Director of Resource Development, Judy Lundell. “It has been an honor and a privilege to see Natalie put the NFC Foundation scholarship to such good use and take full advantage of this opportunity. Her story should inspire other students that they can do it too and the NFC Foundation would be happy to help them along the way!”

Natalie is excited to graduate from NFC and is already making plans to enroll at the University of Florida to pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

For more information about scholarship and giving opportunities, contact the NFC Foundation at 850-973-9414 or