From the Ground Up:
Emma Wyche’s Continuing Legacy at NFC

Addie Bowen is first recipient of NFC's Emma F. Wyche Memorial Scholarship

Emma F Wyche Memorial Scholarship Recipient PhotoMADISON, FL (January 21, 2021) - In 1957, Emma Folsom Wyche’s legacy at North Florida College began with her membership on the planning committee charged with organizing the opening of the College, then named North Florida Junior College. Following the College's opening in 1958, Emma was named assistant to the president and later served as business manager. She retired in 1997 after nearly 40 years of service.

In 2019, the Emma F. Wyche Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Emma F. Wyche (1932-2019), recognizing her long history of service in the community and to education. NFC Director of Learning Resources Lynn Wyche, Emma’s daughter-in-law, describes her late mother-in-law as a founding influence of the College. She remembers Emma as a consummate professional, tenacious but caring – “Emma was a wonderful woman who spent almost 40 years here at the College and she would be so pleased to know that her memory is being honored in this way.”

Exactly one year after Emma’s passing, Lynn Wyche had the opportunity to meet the first recipient of the Emma F. Wyche Memorial Scholarship. She was astounded by the number of similarities between the recipient and the late Mrs. Wyche for whom the scholarship is named.

Addie Bowen, the first recipient of the Emma F. Wyche Memorial Scholarship, is originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, but moved to Monticello with her family a few years ago. After graduating from Aucilla Christian Academy (ACA), Addie enrolled at NFC with plans to pursue a career in elementary education. Like many students, Addie’s focus and interests changed after her first semester in college. Now, Addie plans to graduate from NFC and transfer to Florida State University to obtain a major in accounting.

According to Lynn, Emma had strong ties with Aucilla Christian Academy, serving on their board and remaining involved with the school while her youngest son, then later her grandson, attended ACA. In addition to those similarities, Emma was born in Monticello and maintained many friendships there and was a Florida State University alumna.

Lynn says Addie is a worthy recipient of Emma’s memorial scholarship. Further noting the many similarities between Emma Wyche and Addie, Lynn said, “Her [Emma’s] degree originally was in Business Education. She taught and then realized that she wanted to be more in the business side of things. I feel like there is an angel guiding this process, and I can’t wait to share this with the family.”

Addie was thrilled with the scholarship award, “I’m very thankful for the scholarship that I have received. This scholarship has greatly helped not only me but also my family, as they are putting two kids through college right now and it can get very expensive.”

“I am excited about Addie’s potential and the future she has ahead of her,” said NFC Foundation Director Judy Lundell. “I believe that Emma Wyche would have been proud to sponsor such a fine person. Memorial scholarships have changed so many lives for the better. I am honored to be a part of the scholarship process.”

Emma Wyche was proud of the College for its potential to change the lives of people in the community. Through the memorial scholarship, her memory is honored, and her legacy continues to assist and encourage students as they pursue their education at NFC.

For more information about the Emma F. Wyche Memorial Scholarship or other scholarships available through the NFC Foundation, or to learn more about establishing a memorial scholarship, call 850-973-9414 or email


Pictured above: NFC student Addie Bowen, left, and NFC Director of Learning Resources Lynn Wyche.