Other Proctored Exams

Students attending other colleges or universities may be able to have their exams proctored at NFC. Students interested in this should do the following:

  1. Contact your course instructor or the testing center at the college you are attending to ask about approval for third party proctoring at NFC.
  2. If your instructor or college approves your request, give them the contact information for the NFC Testing Center.
  3. Once NFC has your test and instructions, you may schedule an appointment by emailing Testing@nfc.edu or by calling 850-973-9451.
  4. Call the NFC Business Office at 850-973-1610 to pay the $25 proctoring fee.
  5. Bring valid photo identification to your appointment and check for any additional instructions provided directly to you by the Testing Center or your instructor.


  • $25 per test session for students attending another college
  • $25 per course for current NFC students taking a transient class