Receiving Aid


Once a student’s financial aid application is complete, the student application is reviewed for eligibility. If the student demonstrates need, a financial aid award is issued. All awards are estimates based on information that the student has provided and the actual receipt of funds from the Federal and State Governments, or scholarship sources. If a student’s Expected Family Contribution changes at any point, or if the student’s enrollment status (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, less-than-half-time) changes, the student award package is subject to change.


Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive most forms of financial aid. The exception to this is the Federal Pell Grant where a student in some cases can be enrolled less than half-time. There are programs that require a student to enroll full-time to be eligible. It is important for students to review the funds they have been awarded to determine the enrollment status necessary for receipt of funds.

Admission Status

Students must be fully admitted in a degree seeking or certificate program before aid can be credited. Transfer students must have final transcripts from all previously attended institutions submitted to NFC and they must be evaluated and posted to the student’s academic history, and the student must meet NFC’s Standards for Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid before aid can be awarded. If a student’s admission status changes for any reason during the term, the student may be required to refund all or part of their financial aid.


Students who receive financial aid funds that exceed the cost of tuition, fees and any book charges against account, may be eligible for a financial aid refund. All student charges, including books, are taken from the funds available to a student.

As refunds are issued after all student accounts are fully paid, and after funds have been received by NFC from the various agencies, and as no refunds are issued for at least ten business days after the drop/add period, students are encouraged to secure funding to pay for living expenses for the first two months of class. No emergency money for living expense will be issued on expected financial aid or on financial aid applied for late during this period. Be prepared to meet personal expenses during the two-month period.

If you have questions, contact us at Financial Aid or (850) 973-1621.