1098 Tax Form Retrieval

Retrieve your 1098-T Tax notification from your MyNFC portal.

  1. From the NFC website (www.nfc.edu) click the MyNFC link at the top or use the direct link (https://my.nfc.edu). If this is your first time visiting the MyNFC portal, select “First Time User” to create your account. You will be prompted for several items of information to confirm your identity.
  2. Once your MyNFC account is created, login by entering the user name that was shown on the screen and the password you created.
  3. Click the eBanner icon from the portal landing page
  4. Click Student
  5. Click Student Records
  6. Click Tax Notification and enter the year when prompted
  7. If you have a 1098-T, it will display.
  8. If you are not eligible for a 1098-T, message will display “No tax notification exists for tax year XX.”
  9. If you need prior year 1098-T, click Select Another Tax Year to change the year.