Program Overview

 The Student Support Services (SSS) program assists students who are: 
  • first generation in college
  • low income
  • and/or disabled
The program provides a place where students can feel connected, looked after and supported.

What makes SSS special?

The SSS staff knows all of the students who are in the program.  We know names, career goals, how far along you are in your program, what your weak and strong subjects are, when your birthday is and probably a few things about your life in general! Why does this matter?  Because having a place where you belong and people understand your unique needs is critical to college successes.  SSS is committed to helping its students graduate and transfer if that is their goal.  We will do all we can to help you.

Why you should join:

  • The SSS staff are experts in helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.  You will work with an SSS Advisor who will be there for you for the duration of your enrollment at NFC.
  • Your Advisor will help you select the right courses and make scheduling decisions based on your personal goals and needs.
  • Your Advisor will monitor your grades, help solve problems and link you to opportunities that will enrich your experience at NFC.
  • The SSS staff members have extensive experience working with first generation, low income and disabled students.
  •  We are well respected on campus and can provide the direction and encouragement you may need to persevere until you earn your degree.
  • The SSS program offers an environment that is friendly, fun and supportive.
  • We offer new and exciting opportunities each semester that are designed with our students in mind.


SSS is a federally funded program that requires students meet specific eligibility requirements. Students must be:
  • first generation in college (BOTH parents DO NOT have a Bachelors degree) and/or
  • low income (if you receive a PELL grant you are considered low income) and/or
  • disabled (you must provide documentation of your disability)
Students applying for SSS should have the need for academic assistance.  Some things that constitute an academic need are scoring into college preparatory classes, low grades, having no career goal, being out of the academic pipeline for five or more years or needing help to learn college survival skills.

Services provided:

  • Academic advising each semester
  • Priority registration (first choice of classes and sections)
  • Monthly meetings with advisor
  • Workshops on relevant topics such as test anxiety, time management
  • Financial aid/ FAFSA counseling and assistance
  • Cultural events and leadership activities
  • Social events
  • Campus trips to universities such as FSU, VSU and FAMU
  • Transfer assistance to state colleges and universities
  • Supplemental Grant Aid (financial aid specifically for active SSS students who are receiving PELL grants and have financial need)
  • And lots of help, encouragement, and advice.