General Information:

  1. The term vehicles refers to all means of transportation other than by foot. Examples include cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, bicycles, skates, etc.
  2. The provisions within these regulations shall be applicable to all persons who operate or park vehicles on the NFC campus.
  3. The responsibility for locating legal parking rests with the operator of the vehicle. Lack of convenient space will not be considered a valid excuse for violating traffic and parking regulations.
  4. All drivers must abide by signs and roadblocks posted by College personnel. Traffic cones blocking a specific parking lot designate the lot is full or unavailable at that time.
  5. All drivers must cooperate with and follow the instructions of personnel designated by the College to assist with traffic control.
  6. Movement of traffic on campus roads is not to be obstructed by stopping in the streets or parking lots for any purpose other than parking or complying with the traffic regulations.
  7. If a vehicle operator observes others parked in violation of the rules and regulations, this should not be construed as evidence that the regulation is no longer in effect or that it is acceptable to park in the same manner.
  8. Lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations shall not be a valid excuse for violating any traffic regulation.
  9. The speed limit on the NFC campus is 15 M.P.H., unless otherwise posted.
  10. All traffic crashes on the NFC campus should be immediately reported to the NFC Security Department.
  11. Vehicles in violation of more than one traffic regulation at any one time may be given more than one ticket and/or may be towed.
  12. Illegally parked vehicles may be warned, ticketed, “booted,” and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  13. The College will not be responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents while operated and/or parked on the NFC campus.
  14. No segways, hoverboards, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, or other such roller-equipped means of transportation are allowed in the parking lots, on sidewalks, on walkways, between and around buildings, or inside buildings except when pushed or hand carried. No motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, or All Terrain /Utility Vehicles shall be allowed on the grounds of North Florida College. (This shall not include medically necessary or North Florida College service equipment.)
  15. Vehicles must observe all traffic signs and traffic control devices.

Parking and Traffic Regulations:

  1. Parking lot designations are as follows:
    • White Lined: Students/Visitors
    • Yellow Lined: Faculty/Staff
    • Blue Lined: Handicapped
  2. Only vehicles driven by NFC faculty and staff are allowed to be parked in the reserved parking lots designated as Faculty and Staff areas. These areas are reserved from 6 a.m. until 5:15 p.m. Monday-Friday. Certain parking spaces are designated for NFC vehicles. Only vehicles owned by the College are allowed to park in these spaces that are reserved 24 hours per day.
  3. Loading Zone parking is restricted to loading and unloading. Vehicles parked in loading zones for other reasons and/or after the loading is completed are in violation of NFC parking regulations. The Loading Zone parking regulation is in effect 24 hours a day.
  4. Vehicles are not allowed to park in No Parking Zones on campus. These areas include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Areas not designated for parking
    • Turn-around/drop-off circles
    • Areas along roadway curbs
      (painted or not painted)
    • Moving traffic areas and traffic lanes
    • Driveways and walkways
    • Areas that could obstruct other vehicles
    • Areas which indicate “No Parking Zones” by the use of obstacles or signs
  5. Vehicles shall not be parked or stopped in a manner that blocks other vehicles or impedes the traffic flow.
  6. Vehicles shall not be illegally parked by backing into a space. Head-in parking only.
  7. Parking across parking space lines is prohibited.
  8. Parking on, beside, or over a curb is prohibited.
  9. Parking in areas designed for other vehicles is prohibited.
  10. Parking and/or driving on unpaved areas of the campus is prohibited except where designated.
  11. Parking and/or driving on sidewalks is prohibited.
  12. Driving over curbs is prohibited.
  13. Drivers are not to leave their vehicles unattended in the drop off/pick up zones on campus. Such zones shall not be used to wait for a parking space to become available.
  14. Vehicles are not allowed to drive or park in areas which have been barricaded or where cones have been placed. Moving, altering, or disregarding such obstacles is prohibited.
  15. Motorists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
  16. Vehicle audio equipment shall not be played any louder than necessary for the convenient hearing by persons inside the vehicle, and the volume of the vehicle audio equipment shall not be played at a level that is disturbing to others.
  17. Overnight parking is not permitted on campus except by prior approval from the Security Department. Overnight parking for the purpose of residing or sleeping is not allowed on NFC property. NFC is not responsible for damage or theft of property of any vehicle while parked on or passing through the College campus.
  18. Trailers, buses, motor homes and similar vehicles with attachments which will not fit correctly in a regular parking space must be parked at the outer edges of the parking lot away from areas with the highest concentration of parked vehicles.
  19. In the event that a vehicle must be parked illegally to await repairs or fuel, the NFC Security Department must be notified immediately. The disabled vehicle must be moved or towed as soon as possible.
  20. Parking privileges are subject to revocation by the administration of NFC for continued and repeated violations of the parking and traffic regulations.
  21. Vehicles left on the NFC campus for longer than a week may be considered abandoned and may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Enforcement (Parking)

If a vehicle is parked illegally anywhere on the NFC campus, the vehicle is subject to be towed at the owner’s expense. Signs are displayed near parking areas with the name and address of the company to contact if the vehicle is towed. The company that tows the vehicle is an independent contractor hired by the College. The College has no authority to negotiate towing fees and is not in any way responsible for damage or liability to the vehicle or its contents.

Towing is provided by:

Jimmie’s Firestone
6025 South SR 53
Madison, FL 32340
(850) 973-8546

Campus Security: Contact NFC Campus Security at (850) 973-0280.