A.A. - Associate in Arts Degree Programs

The following A.A. degrees are designed to help students transition smoothly to four-year college or university programs. NFC graduates are guaranteed admission to one of Florida's eleven state universities (excluding limited access programs) under the statewide Articulation Agreement, also known as the 2+2 system.

Students seeking this route are encouraged to speak with an NFC business instructor or NFC advisor to determine the best path and courses for their chosen major or career.

  • Business Emphasis: Designed to prepare students with the necessary prerequisite coursework to continue their education in business administration and management.
  • Applied Social Sciences Emphasis: Designed to prepare students with the necessary prerequisite coursework to continue their education in the social sciences field.
  • Education Emphasis: Designed to prepare students with the necessary prerequisite coursework to continue their education in the K-12 education field.

Courses in these A.A. emphasis programs are those generally accepted by colleges. See an NFC advisor for more specific information.

A.S. - Associate in Science

Degree Programs

The following A.S. degree programs are designed to allow students to immediately pursue a career in the degree area or, in limited circumstances, to transfer to a four-year institution for continued studies towards a baccalaureate degree. Degrees are often completed within two-years or less.

Accounting Technology

Prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills to prepare for further education and careers in entry-level accounting positions. Career options may include, but are not limited to, accounts receivable coordinators, accounts payable coordinators, general bookkeepers, credit and collection coordinators, payroll coordinators, and assistant controller.

Business Administration

Provides the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in Business Management and Administration. Students will choose one of the following specializations aligning with their career goals:

  • Accounting and Budgeting Operations Management
  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Management

Digital Media / Multimedia Technology

Prepares students for careers in Digital Graphic Design. Students use a variety of professional level software while learning basic artistic design, entrepreneurship, webpage development, electronic image editing and optimization, computer animation, basic photography, business concepts, and more. Students learn how to communicate effectively with multimedia in a digital world.

The Accounting Technology, Business Administration, and Digital Media/Multimedia Technology A.S. degrees also include College Credit Certificates that act as building blocks toward completing that degree. These certificates can be completed separately from the A.S. degree if desired. See an NFC advisor for details.

Criminal Justice Technology

Prepares students for careers in the criminal justice field and to meet the needs of persons already employed in those fields to advance in their professions. Students may also have the opportunity to articulate into a bachelor's degree program in criminal justice. This program does not lead to basic certification or employability as a law enforcement or corrections officer. Courses are offered on demand, and a student may not be able to complete this program within two years.

College Credit Certificates

NFC offers short-term certificate programs that can be completed in one year or less. They are designed to equip students with a skill set for immediate employment or job advancement.

The following certificates are included in the related Associate in Science Degree program and can be used as building blocks toward completing that degree.

Accounting Technology

  • Accounting Technology Management
  • Accounting Technology Operations
  • Accounting Technology Specialist

Business Administration

  • Business Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Business Operations
    • Accounting/Budgeting Operations
    • Management
    • Small Business Management
  • Human Resources Administrator

Criminal Justice Technology

  • Criminal Justice Specialist

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology

  • Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Production
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Instructional Technology
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production

See an NFC business instructor or advisor for more information on NFC courses, programs, certificates or degree programs.

Professional Courses

APA 2501 Payroll Accounting

Provides students with an understanding of the procedures associated with payroll accounting, including calculating payroll and payroll taxes and procedures for payroll records and reports. Certain laws regulating payroll applications are also covered in this course.

CGS 2515 Spreadsheet Applications for Business

This course is designed to provide students hands-on experience and skills in designing, planning, creating and programming spreadsheets for business applications using spreadsheet functions and commands.