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STEM SEALs Lectionary Title Page

STEM SEALs Lectionary is a booklet containing comprehensive Student Information. The booklet leads you through the individual modules. Below are links to the code which works together with your boat according to each step in the modules.

1. The Brain: Microbit and its Display
2. How it works: Intro to Coding
3. The Boat: Assembly
4. Boat in the Water: Propulsion Test
5. Remote Controlled Rudder
6. Automatic Water Sampling
7. Autonomous Navigation
SEA Navigation 20   (optimized for boat CB36 with RSA=112, radio channel 17. Don't forget to adjust those values for your boat!)
8. Water Quality Testing
© Micro:bit code, lesson plans, and guidelines are copyrighted by STEM SEALs North Florida, 2021. The materials, or excerpts thereof, may be used, copied and modified with the proper credit to the authors.